Download of the demo version

The demo version of TrySim is full functional with some restrictions:

  • It is time limited (until 31/12/2017).
  • The number of elements in the simulation (conveyor, button, light indicator etc.) is limited to 40.
  • The PLC program can not consist of more than 5 building blocks with each max 35 networks.

There are many (simple) examples which are explained by a short project comment. An example session introduces in max 10 minutes into the basics of handling. In general, the context sensitive online help is praised as informative and pursuing. Should you need further help please consult us via e-mail.

English demo version V4.0: TrySimDemoSetup (ZIP/10MB).

Download of the Lite version

The Lite version is no freeware. Before downloading you really should read the section Lite version.

English Lite version V4.0: tsliteV40 (ZIP/9MB).

Download of the full version

The full version is only available for our registered customers in the customer area.

Download of the window help file

Window help file (CHM/ZIP/2MB).
Help as PDF (PDF/6MB)