Interfaces of TrySim to external controllers

Very often the test of the software shall take place on exactly the aiming system that will control the machine later (hardware-in-the-loop). Input/output modules are not necessary for this test, but somehow the inputs simulated by TrySim must get into the controller CPU and, vice versa, the outputs calculated by the controller have to find a way to TrySim.

The following interfaces are available in TrySim so far:

Each of these interfaces has advantages and limits. Furthermore all of them involve additional costs.
Naturally, small adjustments in the controller program are required.

MPI to Siemens S7

This connection is rather easy and also very fast with regard to the S7-400 CPUs. Partly, there are considerable restrictions on the speed of the data exchange with regard to the CPUs of the S7-300 series. The Siemens software Prodave MPI mini is required additionally, see price list. If TrySim shall run on your own computer a MPI hardware (>= 1,5 MBaud) is also essential.

TCP/IP (ethernet)

This connection is principally very fast and does not need any additional hardware concerning the TrySim PC. For all versions it is a fee required option. On the part of the controller an interface is necessary which allows high speed for the whole communication path without bottleneck. In the Siemens S7 series that are all PN-CPUs. CPUs with external CP are not suitable for the communication with TrySim.


This interface is very fast and has the advantage to be rather universal in use. The changes to the controller program are minimal. But the necessary PC card is not cheap. Fee required TrySim option.


Substantially for connection from Allen-Bradley controllers. Needs an ethernet card for the PLC or each a ControlNet card for PC and PLC. The software RSLinx Lite is included in the development package for Allen-Bradley PLC. But the connection is not possible with RSLinx Lite, another version is needed. Fee required TrySim option.

CoDeSys of SSS

Connection to a IEC 1131 system. Fee required TrySim option.


Connection to the PLC simulator of Siemens. All versions up to V5.3 are not available. The interface to S7-PLCSim V5.4 and higher is a fee required TrySim option.

Soft-SPS of IBH

Please ask when required.

Interface via own drivers

TrySim makes the whole I-O-area available via a shared memory. So, with a little knowledge of windows programming, an own driver for the connection of any controllers can be written.

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