School version of TrySim

This site is only of interest for teachers/lecturer, pupils/students should order the Lite version.
The school version of TrySim is compatible with the students (lite-)version. That implies that your students can continue at home what they have started at school. Many teachers and much more students appreciate this advantage.

Since november 2007 we have converted the sales of the lite version to avoid compatibility problems. Every student who has bought the lite version can now download the current version from the internet. If the school also has the current version a data exchange is possible in both directions. But many schools do not have the current version because they did not buy an update for years. We regret problems resulting from that, but we can not show consideration for this any more in the interests of our professional customers.

Here you can find a reference list for school applications.


If not indicated otherwise all prices are exclusive 19% VAT.

Number Price
8 Places € 1.800,00,00
12 Places € 2.400,00,00
16 Places € 3.000,00,00
20 Places € 3.600,00,00
24 Places € 4.200,00,00

Also for schools the option ‘Connection to Siemens S7-PLCSIM V5.4’ costs € 50,00/place.

Please note:

Because schools always have to invite several offers we assure you:
a) We are the producer of the software.
b) There is no provider who offers the software at a lower price.


The following links lead to sites beyond our respondibility:
A textbook only available on CD: Lernen und Testen TrySim (only available in German)
TrySim examples of a PLC trainer.